Thursday, December 15, 2011

(most) Christmas carving done for this year

Well, sorry I haven't posted much in the past few months. I have been doing a LOT of Christmas carving. mostly ornaments. I did mostly Santas and quite a few different angels, and some other things. I'm happy to say I sold quite a few too (see photos below). There seems to be no real trend to what people like. I try to make all different things, simple, odd, traditional, natural, colorful. It all seems to sell- eventually. Eye of the beholder, I guess. I will post more about this when the dust settles because there's still one big weekend coming up for last-minute sales. I took all my Christmas stuff out of my etsy shop and moved them to the local craft consignment shop. I have a much better chance there at this point. Interesting thing about etsy is, when people think they won't have time for it to be shipped before Christmas, everything just stops. That's about now, although I did sell a wooden spoon yesterday. Next year will be worse with the USPS threatening to add a day or more to First Class shipping time.

What I think is very positive about these sales is that people are willing to buy wood carving, with all the less-expensive options they have. That makes me feel good about what I do and about the appreciation that many people have for what we do. I was happy I decided to start in August with my carving for Christmas, which was a lesson I learn from the previous year, but next year, I'll know to start even sooner. Last week I decided to try something new for my ornaments and for my next post, I'll write about those. Maybe I'll even have a video, but certainly some pictures. Until then, all the best and have a great Christmas everybody!