Sunday, March 3, 2013

Carving Letters

At 60, most people are starting to think about retiring. I have been away from my primary job as a cabinetmaker for a number of years after a back injury. But I got lucky and found a local shop that doesn't overwork me and kinda lets me do my thing. I love the job because there's always something different and it never gets boring. I got real lucky this time and was handed a job to carve a couple signs for a sailboat. I heard "carved letters" and "mahogany" and said, "oh sure, I can do that." I never have actually, so it's been an adventure, but I think it's turning out quite well. It's somewhat forgiving in that the signs will be painted after I'm finished. Too bad, no one will see the lovely mahogany under the paint and gold leaf. If you think you might like to try carving some letters, here's what I learned after some research and I hope it might help others. Good luck!