Friday, November 12, 2010

Building Momentum

There's a tipping point on any carving project. A point where you know you're going to get a certain result. And, assuming you're happy with that, a certain momentum takes over and all you can think about is working on that carving until it's done. I had to make a few important decisions first. And a few corrections. With the time to glue up the arms pressing, I wanted to be sure and do as much on the figure as possible, while still leaving enough material to blend the arms to the body. As it stands right now, it looks like Santa's been hitting the gym. That's good - I can take some  wood away after they're attached to the body. I had some concerns about the fabric folds for the pants and boots. I got to work softening them a bit by taking off the sharp peaks I had created. I added a tiny buckle and burned in the diagonal lines on the vest to make painting it a little easier. I think the vest is really going to make this carving special. Lastly, I noticed one hand looked a little bigger than the other so I went ahead and corrected that - much easier when the arms are still loose. All that has been done and the arms are glued in place and I have begun to carve the details on the fur (usually the last detail before painting). The grain is tricky in places, so adding the fur with a tiny 2mm micro gouge will require patience and caution. Next step is finishing up  the head. I'll keep you posted!

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