Monday, March 21, 2011

Walking Stick and Meatloaf

I spent the weekend with my Scout Troop and some quality outdoor time enjoying a taste of Spring and a taste of good camp cookin'. If you do any camping and enjoy the benefits of Dutch Oven cooking, I hope you know about Byron's Dutch Oven site. I made this Meatloaf "flower" recipe. Yum!

We did a little hiking, played in the field, sat around a campfire and enjoyed the "super moon". But mostly I spent time at my makeshift camp carving station working on the wizard walking stick.

Working on something this long and skinny has it's own set of problems and I find progress slow. After quite a few hours on carving, I see only a small pile of chips. But I stopped and started a lot. I'm trying a lot of tools on the spiral to see what works best and haven't really settled on one thing. I'll talk about that in the next post, which will be a video post. There's a piece of pine there i rescued from the firewood pile. If it doesn't crack apart too much, maybe I can carve something from it later.

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