Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday's Are Different Now

When I started this blog, back in October of 2010, I had made a decision to do more carving. It seemed a good idea to work at it on a more regular basis, so I decided to sit an carve a minimum of once a week, every week. I chose Sunday and hence the name of the blog. But since then, I have carved much more than once a week and now it's a rare day that I don't carve or paint a carving. The results have been quite remarkable. I have become a much better carver! That was the goal, but I never expected so much improvement in such a short time. I don't mean this as a boast, but as encouragement to those who, like me, love the art and craft of wood carving and want to be able to carve more and more challenging projects.

So how have my Sunday's changed? Now, they are days for me to set aside "production" and experiment, develop new ideas and video some of my work. I've learned a lot this year and continue to do so. I hope that never ends.

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Joe Eads said...

Don- I am trying to carve a little every other day or so. I am new to carving, but hope with practice I get better and become more creative. I have never been all that artistic(at least not that I've noticed). I really enjoy carving spoons and chip carving. I enjoy your info. Thank you so much.