Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Activity

We're bracing for Hurricane Irene.  Everything is tied down, camping stove, lanterns and flashlights on standby. Worst case situation - no electricity for a couple days, at least I have my muscle-powered knives and gauges here and I can while away the windy hours with some carving projects. Maybe even catch up on my backlog of painting. Nice to have a low tech hobby. Stay safe everyone on the Eastern seaboard.


Mary May said...

Dan, Irene just missed us in Charleston, SC - some rain and wind, but nothing like what they were expecting. We are hoping and praying that she veers off into the ocean.

I wanted to thank you for putting a post about my appearance on "The Woodwright's Shop". It was really fun working with Roy Underhill.

I have a new blog which I am putting all of my current projects on. How do we go about exchanging links? I am brand new to this.

Mary May

Don Dailey said...

You could just post yours here, as a comment. Copy it from the top address area when your page is up. You can copy/paste mine in the same manner.

Mary May said...

Thanks! My blog site is

Be safe!

Don Dailey said...

Mary, I have mentioned your blog on mine. I noticed I made to your list as well. When you have a chance, please list my blog as "The Sunday Woodcarver". Thanks so much.