Friday, February 10, 2012

My Very First Blue Ribbon: Love Spoon

I am pleased to be recognized as a first place winner among several fine artists at Think Long Island First in Oyster Bay. I was the only carver, so it is a unique distinction since I was up artists of many types of work and mediums. But it's always nice to get the recognition.

I carved this one from a piece of cherry I picked out a friends firewood pile. In case you're wondering, the leaves were carved separately and glued into small holes I made with Dockyard gouges.


Carvin' Tom said...

Congratulations on your blue ribbon! It is a truly beautiful spoon...(read: "I just might steal this design").

This is another case where you took a design (or in this case a partial design) and mirror-imaged it to great effect.

I generally steer clear of carving anything but cherry, although I have done a few spoons in Butternut and Cherry. I might just have to get those tools just a little extra sharp and try my hand at some more cherry.

Keep up the good work!

Carvin' Tom said...

Whoops, I meant to say "I generally steer clear of carving anything but basswood" not *CHERRY*.

I just washed my hands and can't do a thing with them:-)

Don Dailey said...

I was going to ask you to clarify that. It sounded like you were saying you didn't like to carve cherry. I had some frustration carving it in the past. I tried some kiln-dried pieces and found them very hard, But this was closer to being green wood and carved very nicely, though somewhat harder than basswood.

Northwest29 said...

Way to go Don, congratulations. Don't think I've ever seen a spoon with leaves attached as you have done. It's a nice addition to the overall design.

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