Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Parrothead Gnome

A friend asked me if I did custom work? I do woodcarving - I guess you could say everything I carve is a custom project. His request was for a "Parrothead Gnome". First let me say he had already bought one of my "regular" gnomes. I had to ask, "do you want a parrot that looks like a gnome or a gnome with a parrot head?" With this question, I revealed that I did not know what a parrothead is. After a quick web search I realized that was the name for a follower of singer Jimmy Buffett. Ah ha!

The request was for "a gnome with a "fins up" hat, hawaiian shirt and holding a can of beer". Sounds like fun, so I got started. It soon became clear his normal, clunky boots wouldn't be right, so I gave him a pair of sandals and a band-aid on his heel ("stepped on a pop top..."). This was super fun to carve and even more to paint.


Carvin' Tom said...

Well, I *might* have gotten the "Parrothead" comment because, while not an offical "Parrothead", I *do* listen to Jimmy Buffet.

But I'm afraid that the "fin's up" reference would have left me in the dust:-)

He does, however, look a little like Santa during his summer trip to Hawaii:-)

Sheree said...

Do you still make these? Oh please say yes!