Monday, January 31, 2011

Wiz Part 2 - Choosing A Robe

More decisions. The inspiration sketch I chose works for the basic body stance and attitude I want. But the more I study wizards, I find some variations in the robe that cause me to stop and make some decisions. For extra inspiration, Google helps and I have collected a number of wizard outfits that I am considering. I am going to guess the final choices will be some composite version. Do I want wizard shoes to show, or will there be a pile of robe cloth at the base cover his feet? Some robes are very plain with a small amount of trim or decoration at the bottom of the sleeves and robe. Some are a combination of open robe over a tunic. Some, like my original sketch, have a huge collar which encircle the neck and head other lie flat across the shoulders. And there are variations on the sleeve, though most flare out, but some are generally looser than others. All choices to be made before any carving can begin. Then there's color to be considered, though blue or purple seem the right choice. Here are some Google Image Search results.

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