Friday, January 7, 2011

Site of the Week: Inspiration

It's been a while... Happy New Year. I had a very hectic holiday, including a New Years Eve wedding, all compounded y a serious snowstorm and a persistent cold. I haven't done a whole lot of carving in the past two weeks, but I hope to get back on schedule soon. I did want to post a Site of the Week at very least. This one is called The Iowa Woodcarver. It is not my intent to review the work of the carver, but rather the site itself, as it might help us carvers in some way. I found the site to be layed out well and packed with lots of great photos of this Iowa Woodcarver's work. I have to point out, the only flaw I found was that we don't really know who he is. I guess he wants to stay anonymous!

What I found truly inspiring about this site was the photos of his shop. He describes it as a small corner of a basement and nothing fancy. I don't think a well-organized, highly functioning workspace needs to be any fancier than this. His tools are organized, his adequate stock of carving wood is well-organized, he has plenty of  well-lighted work surface, a dedicated sharpening station, a place to hang works in progress, and a well-organized cabinet for his pencils and paints. Wow! I think this is perhaps and ideal setup. And, from the looks of these photos, he even has someone to clean up all the chips he is obviously making!

Nice going anonymous Iowa Woodcarver!

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