Monday, January 31, 2011

Wiz Part 3a - Sketching the Pattern

I have the first and second set of sketches done for my front and side view patterns. But there's a problem. Getting a photo of a 3-dimensional figure that prints like a 2-dimensional pattern is not easy. I'm not even sure it's possible. Photo distortion and perspective are working against you. I even tried photographing the bottom and top halves separately and making a composite in Photoshop - better, but still not right. Have a look at the sketches and you'll see what I mean. Here's pose #1 - the right arm is angled back, but appears straight up and down. The left arm is going to be a problem with the angle too. The material I end up cutting won't let me get what I want for the sleeve.

After this sketch sat on my desk for a while, I decided I wanted the right arm bent more and holding something. I also decided to try a female model to get more of a slight build, more appropriate for an elderly Wizard. Here's are the second set of sketches with a different model and new pose. Better, but look at the feet. For a 2D pattern, they need to be flat on the horizontal floor line, but perspective distorts that in the photo. Again, there will be sleeve problems. Also, if I use this side view, there won't be enough material to make the arm look right. The concept is good, and using the model will help as a reference to carve or get some measurements, but not to generate a 2D front/side set of patterns. I'm going to have to draw what I want and make adjustments that I know will give me an accurate pattern for cutting out my blank. I think a footprint and overhead view might help me too.

Since I'm going with a full beard and big mane of hair, and a robe without the big collar, I don't have to make the head separate. But considering the grain direction, I will probably carve the left hand separate and add it to the sleeve since some detail in the fingers is needed to grasp a staff. The same for the right hand, which will likely be holding a globe-like object (a marble or bead).

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