Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fitting the Head

I may have already carved too much of the arms. I rounded the shoulders, but that should be saved until they've been glued to the body so I can blend them realistically to the body. So I decided to STOP and move on to checking the fit of the head to the body.

I'm keeping the arms nearby so once the head gets close to fitting the way I want, I can check all the parts in place. This is a fairly tedious process, with a lot of undercutting here and there and checking the fit over and over.

Once the head and arms fit and look about ready to glue, I can take care of some other areas first. So the head and arms take a nap while I focus on getting the boots carved and work on getting some long vertical folds in the coat. Both tasks will be more easily done before gluing on the other parts. Time to view some more reference photos.

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