Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch a Master At Work

Have you ever wished you could sit next to a master carver and watch him work while he explains, in detail, everything he's doing and why? How would you like to see how he applies paint to the finished work, revealing all his secrets? You can. If you haven't already heard and seen Lynn O. Doughty's videos from his blog, Out West Carving, you own it to yourself to check him out. Lynn carves beautiful, clever, funny western caricatures. Maybe it's not your thing. I don't carve cowboys. But Lynn offers so much more. His videos have opened my eyes to ways to improve my work and do it more efficiently. I wanted to mention his blog because it's only a matter of time before I mention something I've learned from one of his videos. If you're visiting his blog for the first time, I recommend going back to the earliest posts and work your way to the most recent ones.

So grab a cup of coffee and watch and learn!

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