Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Third Hand Modifications

After working on a few different project over the weekend and trying the jig with large and small blanks, I decided to make a few additions. I kept having to move the loose piece of foam pad around too much and it never seemed to stay in place. So I cut a bunch more and glued them to the jig. I also found that clamping to jig to the bench was not good for me. I came very close to nicking my large gouge. Since I prefer working at my bench, which is outfitted with a vice, I screwed a block to the bottom of the jig so I can just camp it that way. I made the block wide enough so I could fit my hand up through the vise to feed the hold-down straps. Last I added a stop block on one end to help keep the work from sliding. I only screwed this - no glue - just in case I decide to remove them for any reason. This allows me to use even less force on the hold-down straps. I don't need clamps now, so the jig is safer and more efficient than ever. Best of all, the modifications cost me $0.

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