Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wiz Part 3b - Final Pattern

For the final patter sketch I chose to freehand some adjustments and corrects to what I got from the photo of my mannequin. The final pattern will be a little larger than my 3X6X12 block of basswood, so I may have to glue up some parts of the blank. I'm not sure if the process I used was worth it all, but it was something I had thought about for a while and wanted to try out. There are probably better [easier] ways to get where I ended up, but the process helped me to make certain decisions. Multiple freehand sketches would have gotten me to the same place, I suppose, but I did enjoy being able to change poses with the mannequin until I got a pose I liked. Now it's time to rough out a blank and get started carving.

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