Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wiz Part 10 - OOPS! ... again


Progress was going just fine. I have a few problem area I have been fussing over. One of them was that I felt the forearms were proportionally too long. I thought the best was to fit that real quick was to carefully take off the extra length with the belt sander. It worked just fine on the first arm. Then on the second... almost ... just take off a little more... SNAP! Not in the same spot I had repaired earlier, but close. This time I will definitely have to reinforce it with a dowel. Before I glue up, I will get to that left underarm area that has been a very difficult spot to work. Here's a photo series to show my fix for the broken arm. Oh yeah, I needed to deepen the hand hole a little to make up for what I sanded off and went through the recently carved fabric folds - ugh! I'll show my fix for that later.

Tiny brad as a center point locator

Snap all but a tiny nib

Carefully line up parts and press gently.

That's all you need.  Remove the brad.

1/4" dowel is plenty. Masking tape as depth gauge.
Try not to drill my hand!

Test the fit ... looks good.

This joint should work. I'll clean up a bit when the glue cures.

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