Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wiz Part 12 - Painting completed

Here's the Wizard after a paint job. I tried to build layers of colors to give him depth and interest. For the hair and beard, a dark brown base, then medium gray and yellow and white highlights dry-brushed. The robe is a dark purple I made from dark blue and crimson then dry brushed cerulean blue for highlights. The trim is painted cadmium yellow then a wash of gold over that. I did the same with the stars on the hat. Too many colors and layers to remember for the face. I just kept painting until he seemed to have an aged and weathered look. I have an interesting, iridescent marble for the orb and a little finding from some old jewelry parts I found for the end of the wand. I hope it will give the impression of a flame or something with magical powers.

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Aloha from Arkansas said...

I just located your blog. How can you not have a cazillion comments on this extra-ordinary wizard wood carving?

It's fabulous. The details are amazing. Also your choice of colors is over the top. The hair/beard is perfectly done.

Thanks for sharing.