Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carving a Spiral : Layout

Here's a video tutorial based on a technique I learned from Woodcarving Illustrated #33



Don.. I was looking for an e-mail address for contact.. but this is all that I could find.. Enjoyed viewing your site and your work.. Have forwarded the site to other NL editors and a number of carvers in the NW area to let them know what is out there..
I have one question??? is the video camera you are filming with mounted on are around your head?? as you realy get a correct /eye on view of what you are carving??

Don Dailey said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the blog and videos. There's not much point in doing this if no one benefits. I have made most of the videos on a small digital camera. It works pretty well and it's easy to record and upload videos. I mount it on a tripod and then straddle it, for most of the videos. It makes it a little awkward to carve sometimes, but I wanted to give my POV.