Thursday, April 14, 2011

Future Walking Sticks

Lately I find myself noticing any falling branches and trees along the road. It's become quite a distraction, so I had to go on a stick hunt to get that out of my system. I keep thinking it will get too overgrown in a few weeks and finding a stash of stick will be easier now. So the other day, I packed my saw and pruning tool and headed out to some empty lots in the are. The photo shows the pile I came home with. Making these into walking sticks will likely take me quite some time, but when I get to it, at least I'll have stock. So now to clean them up, de-bark a few and set them to dry. Meanwhile, I'll try to get my wife to understand I haven't completely lost my mind.


Gilles said...

I had the same problem with my wife when I prepared a pile of sticks last year... ;-)

This year, I wlll have to use them to prove I didn't lost my mind ;-)))

Tristan Benette said...

Well, it's so nice of you to use these stray sticks for something very helpful. Better to make something useful than just throw them away. Walking sticks for everyone - why not? Let's just hope that your wife won't be too surprised at these piles of sticks. :)

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