Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have a niece who always comments on my carvings and has, on several occasions asked me to carve something for her. When I saw her at Easter, she again asked me to carve something for her. I asked her "what is your favorite animal?" and she answered, without hesitation, "panda!" She was born in China, so that really wasn't a surprise. I didn't make her any promises, but thee wheels started turning and I started looking for reference pictures. I'm trying to remember if I have carved any animals at all, beside eagle heads and I was a little nervous at to how a bear might come out (which is why I didn't offer to do this when she asked). Well, I surprised myself and I think I found a new interest! Here are pictures of the outcome, all painted. I still need to put on some clear finish and then add some "shiny" to the eyes and nose.

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Carvin' Tom said...

Well done, Don.

The little guy is even sitting sorta "rolly-polly-like"...just like a Panda.

Good job!